About Us

The Department provides overall management and direction to the Executive branch of the Government of the Northwest Territories

Government of the Northwest Territories, including:

  • Cabinet Secretariat provides broad policy advice on priorities, strategies, policies and legislation to the Premier and Cabinet; and support for all Cabinet operation, including communicating, monitoring compliance with, and assisting in the implementation of Cabinet direction.  The Secretariat has ultimate responsibility for maintaining the security and integrity of the official Cabinet Record.
  • The Office of Priorities and Planning provides strategic advice and coordination on the development and implementation of the government’s mandate, strategic advice and support for government-wide planning activities, support to the Committees-of-Cabinet and Deputy Minister coordinating committees, reporting on government progress toward fulfilling the government’s mandate, as well as support for the process for nominations and appointments to public boards. It also provides advice and support to the Minister Responsible for Public Engagement & Transparency.
  • Cabinet Communications provides the primary support for the communication needs of the Premier and Cabinet Ministers, including all public affairs and media relations support and political communication products.  They also responsible for the protocol function, coordinating official visits, special events, flag protocol and governmental functions
  • Corporate Communications provides communications leadership and direction to GNWT departments and agencies to ensure that government is accessible and accountable and the public is adequately informed about government priorities, initiatives, decision and activities.
  • Coordinating GNWT program and service responsibilities in the regions, as well as transition planning at the regional level in preparation for the implementation of final self-government agreements.
  • Providing broad policy advice on legislative initiatives, support for the development of the legislative agenda and a full range of administrative services in support of Cabinet business in the Legislative Assembly during Session.

The Department is responsible for:

  • Providing GNWT departments with independent policy advice and assistance with Cabinet submissions, and interdepartmental initiatives and workshops for the public service.
  • The Department is responsible for making nominations or appointment to a variety of public committees, boards and councils. Appointments are made by Cabinet, the Commissioner in Executive Council or the responsible Minister(s). The public Boards play an important role from providing advice to government to managing public programs.
  • Promoting a consistent, positive identity for the GNWT by working with departments to encourage an integrated communications approach across government, managing the Visual Identity Program, ongoing public affairs programming promoting awareness of GNWT priorities, initiatives and activities, providing media relations support and advice to Ministers and departments.
  • Working with regional senior managers and key stakeholders to improve government communications and to help coordinate the consistent delivery of government programs and services and the implementation of interdepartmental initiatives in their regions
  • The overall management of Single Window Service Centres which provide assistance to residents in small communities in accessing GNWT and Government of Canada programs and services.