Premier Bob McLeod

Robert R. McLeod

Every anniversary is a milestone – a time to celebrate what has been achieved, a chance to reflect on what has been learned, and an opportunity to make plans for a better future. Canada’s 150th birthday is no different.

As we reflect on the past 150 years, residents of the NWT can take great pride in the territory we have built together and in all that we have contributed to Canada.

While the rest of the country has struggled to meaningfully include Indigenous Canadians, we have been breaking trail. The resolve of our people has helped to shape federal policy and change the course of Canadian history.

But that is not all. We exemplify many other Canadian values. We embrace diversity and welcome newcomers from many countries, cultures and religions as we build an ever more dynamic, multicultural population. We do more than talk about protecting the environment, we make the tough choices required to do it. We have a young, dynamic population that carries our hopes for the future.

And we have more work to do.

Our territory is proud to be part of Canada, but it is important to recognize that not everyone’s experience of the last 150 years has been positive. We must acknowledge and learn from the errors of the past. We cannot afford to allow where we have come from to define where we are capable of going in the future.

Throughout this year, I invite all residents to celebrate our country and our territory for what they are, an exciting work in progress. Let’s invite all Canadians to learn more about our home. And, let’s learn about them in return. In a world plagued by cynicism, let’s talk openly and constructively about the challenges we face and inspire each other to play our part to build a better future.

Premier Bob McLeod